Patient Information

New patients should try to arrive about 10-15 minutes prior to your appointment in order to complete the registration forms.  To save time, you may choose to download the forms from this website (see below) and bring the completed forms with you to the first visit.  Wear comfortable clothing to the evaluation; shorts and gowns are provided when necessary.

Please bring the following to your first visit:

  • Insurance card
  • Copay – if you have one with your insurance plan
  • Prescription/referral from your referring provider

Your initial evaluation will be approximately 60 minutes and will begin with your therapist taking a thorough medical history.  She will ask you to explain the reason that you have come to Pelvic Health and may ask further questions to get a more complete  picture of your symptoms and function.  Please be sure ask any questions that you may have or that may arise during the evaluation.  The therapist will educate you regarding specific anatomy and physiology that pertains to your diagnosis.  The physical exam will include assessment of  posture, spinal and pelvic mobility, muscle/soft tissue mobility, muscle flexibility and strength.  Specifically, the core and pelvic floor muscles will be assessed.  The pelvic floor muscles will be assessed both externally and internally (if and when you are comfortable with this) either via the vagina or rectum.  A manual exam of the pelvic floor muscles allows the therapist to gain much needed information regarding the function of the musculature and possible pain points.  This information will be important in the development of the therapy treatment plan.  If at any time during the assessment you are not comfortable and would like to stop the exam, please do not hesitate to let your therapist know this.  You are welcome to have a partner/support person in the exam room if you wish.