Amy Candon, PT, PLC
Amy Candon, PT, PLCPhysical Therapist

Amy Candon, PT,  graduated from the University of Vermont in 2002 with a Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy. In her years of clinical work since then, she has practiced in both private and hospital-affiliated outpatient clinics in Vermont, Maine and Boston with orthopedics and sports related populations. Interest in women’s health and pelvic physical therapy grew out of her own two pregnancies and postpartum world, and she began studying and treating pregnant and postpartum mothers while in Boston. Since this time, Amy and her husband have moved back home to Vermont to raise their daughters, and Amy began working at Pelvic Health in 2015. Pelvic physical therapy has become Amy’s passion, and her orthopedic background with her pelvic floor specialty gives her the tools to look within and beyond the pelvis to address pelvic floor dysfunction and the many diagnoses associated with this.

Her continuing education and training over the years includes several manual therapy courses, Pilates based exercises and equipment, GYROTONIC® movement concepts, movement and performance impairment assessments, Postural Restoration Institute courses, Prenatal and Postpartum Physical Therapy by the American Physical Therapy Association, and several courses on pelvic floor dysfunction and related conditions. In her free time, Amy enjoys spending time with her family, hiking, skiing, yoga, gardening and running.

Lena Cannizzaro Goglia, PT, DPT
Lena Cannizzaro Goglia, PT, DPT Physical Therapist

Lena Cannizzaro Goglia, PT, DPT is a 2002 graduate of the University of Vermont’s physical therapy program, and a 2010 graduate of Simmons College Clinical Doctorate-bridge program for Physical Therapy. She has experience in all settings of Physical Therapy, including inpatient rehabilitation, home-health care, and most recently in outpatient private practice. Lena enjoys working with all age populations and physical abilities. She achieved her Pilates certification in October 2006 through Polestar Pilates rehabilitation curriculum. She also has extensive training in manual therapy techniques including myofascial release, CranioSacral therapy, Positional Release, and muscle energy techniques. She enjoys combining Pilates principles of movement and manual therapies into her treatment in order to achieve the most efficient and effective balance in the body. Lena believes that addressing the whole body is the key to proper healing of any injury.

After recovering from hip surgery and the birth of her first child, Lena became more interested in how pelvic floor dysfunction can affect rehabilitation. She has since studied pelvic health with Herman and Wallace, Pelvic Guru, and Julie Wiebe. She is passionate about her work, and her ability to provide education, space, and time for her patients to reconnect with their bodies.

Heidi Hansen, PT, DPT
Heidi Hansen, PT, DPTPhysical Therapist

Heidi Hansen, PT, DPT is a 2016 graduate of the University of North Dakota’s Physical Therapy program. She took a non-traditional path to the field of physical therapy having first received a BA from St Lawrence University in 2004. She went on to work for many years in international education and student exchange before pursuing a career in physical therapy. Since receiving her DPT, she has gained experience treating a wide variety of orthopedic conditions with a primary focus on low back and neck pain. Heidi’s interest in pelvic health stemmed from her own experiences with pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum recovery.  She has furthered her practice through continuing education courses with Herman and Wallace, Sarah Duvall, and IOMT. Heidi implements a variety of treatment styles in her sessions; integrating behavioral awareness, manual therapy, and therapeutic exercise. She believes that patient education is the foundation for improvement, and loves empowering people to meet their own therapy goals.  

Heidi recently moved back to Vermont with her husband and four young children. She loves to hike, ski, cook and travel. She is very excited to join the team at Pelvic Health Vermont.

Karen-Bumpus, PT
Karen-Bumpus, PTPhysical Therapist

Karen received her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from University of Massachusetts, Lowell in 2016. Since graduating, she has worked alongside some of the leading pelvic floor therapists in New England as a member of a specialty pelvic health physical therapy practice in the Boston area. She moved to Vermont in 2018 where she enjoys paddle boarding Lake Champlain, kayaking the Winooski River, and hanging-in with her cat, Piglet and partner, Harrison.

Meagen Satinsky, MPT, PLLC
Meagen Satinsky, MPT, PLLCPhysical Therapist

Meagen received her Master’s degree in physical therapy in 2000 from Simmons College in Boston, MA. She approaches every interaction as an opportunity to listen and learn about each individual she works with. Her combined experiences in various health and wellness settings over the years have exposed her to new ideas and approaches in solving health and movement puzzles encountered in clinical and real life situations.

Following her path to merge the science and art of healing has been an intensive and rewarding study both professionally and personally. Foundational experiences with neurologic and musculoskeletal populations helped to connect the dots of the systems of the human body when she started a more concentrated study of the pelvic floor and reproductive systems. This also provided insight into approaches to managing her own experiences with back pain. More recent study of the GI system has offered another avenue for exploration and possibility in balancing the integrated systems of the body. She is committed to continuing her education and studies regularly with Susan Clinton, Tami Lynn Kent, Herman & Wallace, Upledger Craniosacral (CST), and Barral Visceral Manipulation courses. Meagen is passionate about the power of asking questions and sharing information to support and empower all individuals to take a more active role in their health and well being.

Meagen is also a dedicated student of yoga in the Iyengar tradition to experience a more balanced state of mind, body and emotional presence. She enjoys teaching
private and small group yoga classes which include breath and mindfulness practices, along with movement to support the individual. When she’s not on the mat or in a book, Meagen likes to spend time outdoors with her dog, Arlo, who also reminds her of the importance of a good nap!

Pamela Smith
Pamela Smith Office Manager